SPAF kicks off with boundary

时间:2023-11-28 20:10:35来源:slot poseidon 作者:부모와 아이

The Seoul Performing Arts Festival, celebrating its 23rd year, kicks off Friday and runs until Oct. 29 in various venues across Seoul, including the National Theater of Korea, the National Jeongdong Theater of Korea, the ARKO & Daehakro Arts Theater and Yohangza Theater.

Nineteen Korean and international productions are set to deliver messages that transcend the boundaries of art and technology, as well as those between nations and regions.

"We will introduce works that challenge conventional notions and systems,” said SPAF’s artistic director, Choi Kyu, at Thursday’s press conference.

"These works explore the relationship between art and technology in the age of technology and reflect narratives not typically seen, such as those of women and sexual minorities.”