‘Art in Series’ embraces autumn delights

时间:2023-11-28 22:11:03来源:slot poseidon 作者:건강

Every Saturday in October, the "Art in Series" presents a variety of themed events such as a plant market, book market, farmer's market and mask dance workshops, in the outdoor plaza in front of the National Theater of Korea's Haeoreum Grand Theater.

This Saturday's event, "Art in Garden," is a plant market where visitors can browse through a variety of flowers, rare plants and gardening supplies. Gardening classes will provide tips and insights into growing and caring for rare plants. In addition, there will be a circus music drama performance.

"Art in Books" on Oct. 14 will feature independent publications and bookstores. Poet Yoo Hee-kyoung will participate in a book discussion, and a classical ensemble featuring musicians with disabilities will offer an open-air concert.